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Wheelbarrow 80 lt

Wheelbarrow 80 lt

Wheelbarrow 80 lt:This equipment is helpful for medium plot of land, can be equipped with 4 stroke gasoline engine 97 cc, or electric 220V motor, paired with 15 bar pump adjustable and possibility to have 2 workstation (contemporary work).

If user need more pressure and power, we can find a model more suitable to you.

Standard kit: manual lance 60 cm, adjustable nozzle, delivery hose 8 – 10 m


 Model  50091
 Volume  80 lt
 Flow  7 lt/min
 Max pressure  15 bar adjustable
 Motor  Gasoline engine 97cc – 2,5 Hp
 Pump  Membrane (double exit)
 Packaging size  1200 x 800 x 970 mm


 Model  50093
 Volume  80 lt
 Flow  7 lt/min
 Max pressure  15 bar adjustable
 Motor  electric 220V
 Pump  Membrane (double exit)
 Packaging size 1200 x 800 x 970 mm


Manual  4 STROKE ENGINE 4t
Manual  PUMP 6-15 bar