F200 MOB
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F200 MOB


F200 MOB

F200 MOB is a trolley sprayer with rechargeable battery, 18t tank that ensure fast and comfort movements. Sprayer is equipped with electronic controlled lance, ON-OFF switch on handle and light that inform user when machine need charge.

Sprayer is designed to help user during work with comfort and agility, thanks to 2 m delivery hose too.

Standard kit:  delivery hose 2 m, extension 60 cm, fixed nozzle, adjustable nozzle, filter, key pressure regulation, elbow pipe 45°


 Model  F200MOB (50081MOB)
 Volume  18 lt
 Weight  11,0 kg
 Max pressure  4,2 bar adjustable
 Battery  12V – 7 Ah
 Working time  4 h abt.
 Packaging size  500 x 410 x 1040 mm