F200easyscatla di comando-control boxscatla di comando-control boxschienale imbottito-foamy backimpugnatura manuale-manually controlled lanceugello fisso-fixed nozzle

F200 easy

F200 easy

F200easy is our last knapsack sprayer with rechargeable battery and manually console lance, perfectly combines the convenience and reliability in fact ON-OFF switch and recharge socket are located in control box on the strap.

The extraordinary comfort of this machine is guaranteed from big, foamy back, and couple of padded shoulder straps, ideal to support the weight during the work.

Standard kit: extension 60 cm, adjustable nozzle, filter, pressure regulation key, elbow pipe 45°


 Model  F200 easy (50081easy)
 Volume  18 lt
 Weight  5,5 kg
 Max pressure  4,2 bar adjustable
 Battery  12V – 7 Ah
 Working time  4 h abt.
 Packaging size  390 x 180 x 580 mm